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Satria Nusantara (SN) is an active, modern and still developing sport. It combines physical aspects with mental training. The foundation Satria Nusantara was established in 1985 at Yogyakarta by Dr Maryanto, who developed the sport based on traditional Indonesian knowledge and knowledge from other Asian countries. Over 100 Satria Nusantara branches can now can be found all over the provinces of Indonesia with members in the age ranging from16 to over 70 years old, both male and female.
Most of the members are motivated to cure their ailments, varying from chronic asthma, blood related disease, neural disease, malfunctioning internal organs and virus related diseases. Others want to improve their physical fitness or to develop their stealthy power.
In 1989 SN started in Delft, The Netherlands. It has now grown to a club with  three branches in Amsterdam, The Hague and Rotterdam. The Dutch organization will be the center for spreading the sport over Europe. As initiative from the Dutch organization a brach has been established in Prague, Czecho.

Also in Spain a brach has been established by the Indonesian community.

Next to being a club which offers alternative curing, fitness sport, Satria Nusantara is also a club which also addresses other (recreational, social) activities for the members.


Breathing exercises are practiced already for a long time. The spreading was limited to small groups of people in Indonesia from one family or priests within a temple.
Although it is easy in theory, in practice the training of Satria Nusantara needs supervision, even (or maybe especially) when learning the basics. This may be the reason why a book which describes the sport in detail is not available. What you can find in the literature are mostly descriptions of the effects of the breathing sport.
SN considers 3 components that are combined in training sessions, namely movement, breathing and concentration and assemble a curriculum containing 8 main stages and many sub-stages. It can be practiced by both female and male from 16 years old and up (there are members well over 70). Those from 10 to 16 years old of age are allowed to participate in the training in case of physical problems and after permission by the trainer.
Two main effects result from this sport. First is revitalization of the common body systems and secondly the development of an energetic bodily field. The first results in a better physical condition and a better resistance against diseases. The second results in the forming of stealthy power (in the Indonesian language: Tenaga dalam (Inner Strength)). The last is based on the development of bio-electricity.
Both of these effects will be noticeable after the basic training of 12 lessons . After this basic training members can exercise on their own, but to reach a higher level it is advised to follow the scheduled exercises. Every year it is possible to enter once or more times a higher level provided that the members have attended a minimum of training sessions and perform the exercises well.

The basic training comprises 10 basic movements, called jurus (pronounce joo-roos), the breathing exercises.
Every training session begins and ends with a sitting (triangle) breathing exercise in sitting position that also is meant for training the concentration.
Depending on the level of the participants the jurus are exercised in different ways.



When your doctor says "We have done our best concerning your ailment, but we can do no more. We suggest you to stay at home and accept this condition. Start to learn a new life.", it means that the ailment or the medicine is not yet known. If so you should consider other healing alternatives. SN Nederland offers you an alternative for curing your health
problem. The logic behind SN healing is the following:

The breathing technique is based upon breathing from the lower abdomen (using the diaphragm) and
through the nose. The vital capacity of the lungs is increased, especially the lower part. Together with this, the muscles of chest and ribs are well trained.

During the exercise, as the breathing is kept compressed downward, the amount of oxygen in the lungs becomes less while the metabolism is going on. We call this situation "metabolism poor of oxygen" (MPO). To compensate this situation, MPO results in an increase of hemoglobin in the blood. This is useful not only to absorb enough oxygen from the lungs but also to absorb food essence from the intestines, and to remove the rests of metabolism from the internal body. effects that you can feel from this mechanism are that you don't get tired easily and that your mind will stay clear for a longer time then before.

Blood vessels
If the above mentioned MPO takes place constantly for some time, it may result in a permanent "vascularization" i.e. a widening of the blood vessels and an increase in the number of micro branches of the blood vessel. This vascularization leads to a lower blood pressure, and cleaning up of the blood vessels (cholesterol, etc. is removed).

The vascularization process takes place also in the hearth muscle so that the hearth becomes healthier. Furthermore, the vascularization leads to reduction of the hearth pulse.

An other effect of Vascularization is a better blood transport to the brain, so that the brain does not get tired easily.

By exercising the basic movements repeatedly the system of muscles will become longer, lithe and strong.

Digestion system
The stomach breathing helps the stomach muscle to push the rests of the food in the intestines to the out-let.

By doing efficient breathing, the parasympatic nerve will work better to create an environment for a clear mind.

Illnesses which are recorded to be cured by Satria Nusantara are:
headache, shortness of breath, migraine, rheumatism, asthma, allergies, stomach pain, colds, high blood pressure, heart weakness, waist pain, body weakness, low blood pressure, vehicle sickness, cowardliness and mental depression, malaria, throat inflammation, diabetes myelitis, piles, hepatitis, menstruation illness.

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